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19th March

Today I potted on two clematis plants that I bought cheap from the supermarket..... need to get them established before planting out.  I also noticed that:

  • a 'dead' agapanthus isn't dead
  • the pale pink sweet peas are germinating more slowly than the other colours
  • the delphiniums don't seem to be germinating at all

Later that same day.......

23rd April

( Not quite later that day - I couldn't download photos from my phone to my computer.)

As I was saying..........

The not dead agapanthus.....

and the poorly germinating delphiniums.

I forgot to photograph the sweet peas so you'll need to trust me on that.  But I did take some more photos today so that you can see how everything is burgeoning - what a great word!

and just wait until these violas really get going.....

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